We're a cooperative

The better one of our owners does, the better all of us do

Our Mission

Loconomics empowers independent professionals with technology, shared ownership, and connections. Whatever your specialty, we've created a platform that puts you first.

We're dedicated to our members, who provide helpful, creative, and meaningful services to the Bay Area and beyond.

Our cooperative model means that every profesional is an owner and has an equal vote in the election of the Loconomics board, consisting of fellow professionals, and in other major decisions. It also means that the profits generated by Loconomics will be returned to the owners, in proportion to their participation in generating profits.

Our Team

Special Thanks

Fernando Gago, Nigel Harrison, David Jorgensen, Patrick Coelho, Jordyn Bonds, Wit Lab, Sally Hermanto, Todd Torr, David Harvey, Jessica Teisher, Andy Hill, Lucy Schiller, Julia DeBari, Phillip Emmerich, Keahu Kahuanui, Denise Martínez, Chris Jansen, Ellen Chou, Leslie Kosaerff, Crystal Cole, Carol Brass, Frank LaPallo, Sharon Bauman, Monica Lienke, Jennifer Lum, Danny Spitzberg, Aaron Brodeur, Jesse Hall, James Lindsay, Liam Fitzpatrick, Kyra Harrington, Matt Schaefer, Aram Danakian, Christin Nolasco, Marnee Horesh, Heidi Pickman