What Loconomics offers:

  • Free listing

    Clients find your listing using our search with 0% commissions. Your first listing is free.

  • Referrals

    Our cooperative thrives on recommendations. Meet other Bay Area professionals.

  • Profit-sharing

    Owner plans start from $19/mo. Get access to exclusive events, resources, and dividends.

How Loconomics ownership works:

  • Join up

    You remain independent, but also a member-owner of Loconomics. The better we all do, the better you do. No middle-men and no millionaires.

  • Help make decisions

    You elect our board members (or maybe you get elected!). You choose how active you want to be in making decisions about Loconomics. No fat cats or invisible investors pulling the strings here.

  • Grow professionally

    Become a better businessperson, keep up on trends, and be successful in what you do.

0% commissions on all plans. No bidding.